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Exuma’s Highlights

The Exumas’ exotic strip of deserted beaches and idyllic anchorages provide an ideal 5-star yacht charter vacation setting. The Exumas have ideal weather conditions all year, thanks to the sparkling turquoise waters, consistent trade winds, and warm tropical climate. Temperatures range between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit between November and March, with the occasional windy cold front passing through. You’ll begin your journey in Nassau, which provides easy access from the U.S. and ensures more reliable provisioning, enhancing the overall convenience and experience of your exotic getaway.

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highbourne cay yacht charters


Highborne Cay presents a picturesque setting for an overnight anchorage. Immerse yourself in a day of kayaking or snorkeling at the secluded Horseshoe Bay, home to the magnificent “Octopus Garden” reef beneath its waves. Venture about a mile northwest to Allan’s Cay on the dinghy and be greeted by the amiable three-foot iguanas at Leaf Cay Beach, an excellent location for snorkeling adventures. After these excursions, return to Highborne Cay to savor a cocktail or dine at the hilltop restaurant, where you can enjoy 360-degree views of pristine beauty. At the same time, the stunning Caribbean sun descends into the horizon.

Norman Cay Yacht Charters


Norman’s Cay, surrounded by a stunning coral reef and neighboring islets, is a must-visit destination in the Exumas, offering ideal conditions for various saltwater activities or simply basking in the sun. Explore the intriguing underwater plane wreck at the southwest point, a shallow snorkeling haven rich in tropical fish and coral. Nearby Twinkie Beach, marked by a solitary palm tree, invites leisurely seashell gathering. With its shallow waters, Norman’s Cay is also perfect for jet skiing, offering a large lagoon and numerous nearby beaches to explore.

guana cay yacht charters


Despite lacking moorings, Great Guana Cay is one of the Exumas’ most expansive anchorages. It’s a well-protected and accessible spot, providing an authentic “Out Islands” experience. The warm locals ensure a welcoming atmosphere in the charming Black Point Settlement. Delve into the island’s friendly culture, savor traditional Bahamian dishes, and appreciate the skillfully handwoven palm leaf baskets crafted by local women. For a special treat, order homemade bread at Lorraine’s Café and enjoy freshly baked goodness the following morning.

Staniel Cay Exumas, Bahamas


The renowned “Thunderball Grotto,” named after its cinematic appearance, lies just west of the cay. This snorkeling and diving haven is teeming with colorful coral and diverse marine life. In the evening, book a table at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club for an elegant dinner, where the harbor’s vibrant atmosphere and island charm come to life. If you’re keen on exploring the area, golf carts are available for rent at the marina.

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Warderick Wells Cay, situated at the center of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, the largest underwater sea park in the Caribbean, offers a premier anchorage in protected waters.

The island invites exploration with 20 marked nature trails on land and 20 hidden beaches along its shores. Both hiking and snorkeling experiences here are unparalleled, offering stunning scenery and abundant natural beauty, all preserved under the dedicated care of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.

Rose Island Yacht Charters


Just a short distance from Nassau’s main port, you’ll find the quaint Bahamian retreat of Rose Island. Spanning 11 miles, this boating haven is renowned for its excellent snorkeling spots, hidden coves, and four distinct beaches: First Beach, MacTaggart’s Beach, Footprints Beach, and Sandy Toes. While Sandy Toes is known for its lively Sunday parties at its beachside bar and grill, tranquility seekers can enjoy the gentle sway of palm trees and soothing wave sounds in a hammock grove atop Sandy Toes Beach. Consider spending your first or last night in the peaceful anchorage on the island’s northern side, where the views are simply stunning.

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Shroud Cay, nestled in the Exumas Land and Sea Park, is a tranquil paradise perfect for yacht vacations. It offers a chance to explore its unspoiled natural beauty and wildlife, including sea turtles, via jet skis or tender. The island’s calm waterways are ideal for gentle exploration and spotting diverse species. It’s a haven for water sports enthusiasts, offering jet-skiing, snorkeling, and paddleboarding opportunities. The east side features the Washing Machine, a unique tidal current spot, and shallow, warm waters perfect for relaxing with a cocktail.

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Compass Cay, just south of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, visitors can enjoy unique attractions like interacting with nurse sharks and relaxing at Rachel’s Bubble Bath. The island’s protected harbor is perfect for anchoring and offers excellent fishing opportunities, with its waters rich in snapper, grouper, and tuna. The natural lagoon, Rachel’s Bubble Bath, is a must-visit for its unique bubbly experience, and a hike to the 92-feet-high Compass Peak offers breathtaking views. Compass Cay’s diverse offerings make it a highlight of any Bahamas yacht adventure.

big major cay yacht charters.

Big Major Cay

Big Major Cay, an uninhabited island in the Bahamas, is famed for its unique Pig Beach, captivating visitors from around the world. The origins of these non-native, swimming pigs are steeped in mystery, with theories ranging from being left behind by sailors to escaping from a shipwreck. Today, they lead a carefree life, welcoming both Bahamians and tourists. This unusual attraction offers a rare opportunity to interact with these friendly pigs in a picturesque setting, making for memorable encounters and photographs against the backdrop of crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches.

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